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    Nice Rocco Baldelli auto for trade!

    I have a 2001 Topps Fusion Rocco Baldelli auto for trade, BV-$50, real nice card, I am looking for a equal value auto or Mark Prior cards I need, or possibly a nice RC, LMK thanks for looking

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    check my site lmk if you need anything..


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    I didnt see anything right now i needed off your site, if you have any other Priors not listed lmk, thanks

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    I have some common cards of mark i would sell if interested either way email me

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    thanks for the offer, but i have a tonof his common cards now, if you have any from 01 or 02 lmk

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    i have a prior auo xrc but that books 150, ya got anthing higher to trade?

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    Acbaseball and Rick, thanks for your offers but i didnt see anything I needed at this time

    LMK what year and make that Prior auto is and I'll make you a offer, Thanks

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    LMK what you think of this offer, 01 Topps Fusion Rocco Baldelli auto, BV-$50, 03 Topps Mark Prior autograph card, BV-$60 and a 1980 Topps Rickey Henderson RC #480 BV-$70 for your 01 Prospects Premire Mark Prior auto, LMK either way,

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