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    Toronto Blue Jays Auto/Game Used Wanted!

    I'm looking for just about any Toronto Blue Jays Auto/Game Used! I don't have a lot of money so i can trade and give cc. I have more cc incomming so don't just think that thats all i have. PLMK what you have and what your looking for Thanks!

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    I just pulled a kevin frederick leaf certified materials rc/jersey #/500. Card shows him on twins, but he got traded to the blue jays earlier this year. Would you be interested?

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    ah i would be interested but i wouln't give a lot. He played down in AAA this year for awhile and didn't do too hot. I would be interested tho. What are you looking for?

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    I have the following Delgado gu's jersey
    03 Studio Jersey 283/300
    02 Leaf Rookie and Stars Jersey 55/250

    Looking for anything of the Pittsburgh Pirates
    Bryan Bullington
    Jason Bay
    Jason Kendall
    Bobby Bradley any current member of the Pirates basecards or gus.

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    jly500 - thanks anyways but i don't need any Delgado's right now. Thanks anways.

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    I would want a nice RC, or an auto for it. I also have a 2001 Fleer authoritiy stephen davis auto if you're interested in it. I saw on your site that you collect davis.

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    I don't know if we've talked about this before or not, but i have a

    Eric Hinske- 2002 "Donruss Rookie Phenoms Autograph" #'d to 500

    This is a really nice card and i really like it, but if you can give me the right offer, i could trade it. Let me know if you're interested.

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    whats bv on the davis?
    ill look and see what i have for the fredrick.

    Tribe - Whats the Hinske book at?

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    davis was $15 a couple months back. Not too sure what it's at now, after his great play the past few weeks. as soon as is online again, I'll check for you.

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    do you have a tradelist of certified autos?

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