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Thread: Randon Sports Trivia #179

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    Randon Sports Trivia #179

    For 100 CC......

    Who holds the record for most Strike-outs in Back To back 9 Inning games...And what were the EXACT dates and strike out totals for each game it occured and against who?

    I need...

    first date and total K's and against who?
    Second Date and K's and Against who?

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    Kerry Wood
    5/6/98 20 K's against Houston
    5/11/98 13 K's against Arizona

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    Kerry Wood
    5/6/1998 Houston Astros 20k's
    5/11/1998 Diamondbacks 13k's

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    why even bother doing the trivia anymore..friggn' search engines

    Correct Lefty..100 comming your way.

    I realize that was'nt that hard of a question.

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    Thanks, Jeff. I knew it was Wood. I just had to look up the dates.

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