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    Looking for sets or partial sets

    I am looking for sets that have the stars or the key rookies pulled. (ie: 89 UD minus Griffey and Johnson, 85 Topps minus McGwire and Clemens, etc.)I have most all good rookies so if you have a partial set you want to dump LMK.

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    do you want complete sets with RCs? i have 97-98 Finest S1 and 97-98 Flair Showcase among others...

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    Really looking for sets with like the players best RCs, like in that year I would want Chrome or SPA sets, prefereably without the Duncan and McGrady since I already have them.

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    1997 SPX (Kobe RC,Iverson RC)
    97-98 Z-Force Serie 2 (Duncan RC,McGrady RC)
    96-97 Z-Force Serie 2 (Kobe RC,Iverson RC)
    96-97 Hopps Serie 2(Kobe RC,Iverson RC)
    96-97 Metal Serie 2 (Kobe RC,Iverson RC)
    97-98 Hoops Serie 1+2 (Duncan RC,McGrady RC)
    96-97 Collector´s Choice

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