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Thread: Autos for cc

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    Autos for cc

    Anyone have any autos for cc? PLMK what you have and how much. Thanks!

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    No one has ANY autos they will give for any amount of cc?? PMLK if anyone does thanks a lot!

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    autos for cc

    i have some autos depending on how much you'll pay. here is my site let me know who you want:

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    Patriots - do you have any certified autos for cc?

    Slugger21 - Not really looking to spend 200 cc right now unless its someone i really want. Thanks anyways.

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    the only certified autos i have are of Jesus Colome, Rafael Roque, and Jason Garrett(football). LMK if you're interested

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    i have a football auto.. im doing an auction for it.. .its at 50 cc... lmk if u wanan bid

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    pats - hom much you looking for on each of those?

    Billsfan - Thank anyways just looking for baseball now.

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