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Thread: Trade Page Update!!

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    Talking Trade Page Update!!

    Life has been busy lately but would still like to do a trade!! LMK if ya see something ya like! I will check this post atleast 1 or 2 times a day! Thanks for lookin! God Bless!!

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    03' Lyle Overbay Bowman all-star futures jry fg-lo $8

    Need this. Check my sight, may have a few things not listed.

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    I didnt see anything that caught my eye! What do you have thats not listed? I have a randy johnson you may want to combine maybe!LMK

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    NM, I don't have anything else. I may buy it. I also saw that you have a 01 Bowman Lyle Overbay Auto, which I would be interested in too, if it is even for trade.

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    The only interest I have in overbay is the fact that he is from my home town!! Cenetralia Wa. Or atleast a couple miles anyways! I have 2 of the jersey cards but only the one auto! It would have to be a good card from the people I collect to get it. What are the other cards yuo said were not listed and we can maybe work something! LMK!

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