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Thread: WTTF Lew Ford

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    WTTF Lew Ford

    Hi Everyone. I have a hunch about Lew Ford so I would like to start collecting all his cards. The last time I had a hunch it was for Alfonso Soriano and hes doing pretty well. Check my www and see if we can make a deal. Thanks---Mike

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    Yeah I collect Lew Ford also!
    Well not really but he plays in my town and I got to meet him and he sounds like a good kid!
    I am trying to get the team sets or at least some singles and if I do I'll lyk so uyou can maybe buy one off me!

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    I have a 2001 new britain rock cats team card of him i could sell.

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    I have 2 Ford autos. 03 Leaf Certified Materials"New Generation" #248 serial numbered 298/400 and a 03 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Blue"New Generation" #248 serial numbered 14/50. I could probably dig up a few rookies also. Didn't see any autos on your site. Ya have any. LKM and thanks.....Dan

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    Got a 2003 Fleer Focus JE RC of him, looking for Jesse Foppert stuff. LMK if you need it thanks.

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    Redsox-- I looking to trade right now Thanks anyway

    Patkelly--Check my www and see if there is anything we can deal

    Bonds25-- Check my www, also I will look to see if I have any Foppert stuff

    Thanks for the replys everyone

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    I looked at your site didn't see anything I wanted. So just lmk if you find any Jesse Foppert thanks.

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    I have his 2003 studio private signings auto /200 bv 15$

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