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Thread: MJ rookie

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    MJ rookie

    i have a 1986-87 Fleer MJ rookie for trade i don't really collect basketball, just got it for a birthday present last year and i don't want it at all...if anyone wants it post what u have to trade or what u'd buy it for...thanks

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    umm i don't know what an authentic one looks like...could u help me out?

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    no scanner or digital camera...does anyone know what the real one looks like?

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    hey easy way not to get ripped send to a middle man,,,,,i was going to trade for a jordan rookie over at scs and the guy agreed to the trade trhen i asked him to send to dcb as a middle guy to verify authentic and the other guy said no ill just keep my jordan rookie....obvious sign of fraud lol

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    That's not a sign of fraud. How did that person know that the other two people are going to be honest with him about it? I don't like the idea of using a middle man unless I am familiar with that person.

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    I think it's one of the reprints rc thats worth like$2 my frend has one

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    if any member here intends to conduct a trade of up to $1000+ (that's right, $1000+), involving a Jordan rookie card

    make sure both parties get each other's


    then both of you give each other a call on at least 2 different days (that way, one of you is not calling the phone number of a phone in a telephone booth, where the other person is waiting)

    then send everything INSURED and WITH REGISTERED MAIL

    don't save a few dollars when dealing with a trade involving a THOUSAND dollars

    any fraud here is handled by police, not by us

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