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Thread: I need these Braves Rookies...

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    I need these Braves Rookies...

    1) Andy Marte---Check my site and I need all the ones not listed
    2) Adam Wainwright----CMS and I Need all not listed
    3) Macay McBride----CMS and I need all not listed
    4) Jeff Francoeur----CMS and I need all not listed
    5) Anthony Lerew
    6) Adam LaRoche--CMS and I need all not listed
    7) Bubba Nelson
    8) Kyle Davies
    9) Wilson Betemit---CMS and I need all not listed
    10) Andy Pratt---CMS and I need all not listed
    11) Johnny Estrada
    12) Dan Curtis
    13) Gregor Blanco
    14) James Jurries
    15) Matt Wright
    16) Brian McCann (CMS and I need all not listed)
    17) Kelly Johnson
    18) Dan Meyer
    19) Brett Evert
    20) Richard Lewis
    21) Scott Thorman
    22) Blaine Boyer
    23) Jose Capellan

    I know this is a long list, but Any of these players would be appreciated.

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    I have a 2003 Stadium Club Royal Gold Andy Marte, I gotta look, I'll probably have more!

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    i have a lerew auto, but once again the only thing that caught my eye was the mccann auto=(

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    Hey, i have a Topps 205 Andy Marte Sovereign green back bv. 12 and also a 2001 Topps Rookie Relics Wilson Betemit bat card bv. 10 - 15 somewhere in there i'll have to look it up. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks

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    Im interested in the Marte.........check my site and see if you see anything.

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