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    Exclamation Peyton Manning Error Discovered

    I was looking through my collection today when i found a 1999 Donruss Peyton Manning Card. When i flipped the card over to look at the back i noticed on the bottom it read this

    '88 colts 575 326 56.7 3739

    Now if you notice, under the year it says '88 wich means 1988's total... Was peyton in the NFL in '88? No dont think so.. There fore this must be an uncorrected error card because i looked in the beckett and under card #55 its marked as a regualr card!
    Now can someone clear this up for me and tell me for sure that this is an error card because im very curious...Also im wondering if its worth writing to beckett for and letting them know...(maybe donruss to?)
    Thanks and check out the crappy scan to c it for urself!

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    The best thing for you to do would be able to write to beckett.. They will be able to get some info regulars can not get from there own hands.. If its a corrected error then you got something a bit more valueable((pending how quickly they cought it)) if its an uncorrected error then all you will probly do is have your name printed in beckett and can say it was me that discovered that :D


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    BV most likely will not change, since year errors are pretty common (I've got a ton). It's always cool to notice something like that though! :)

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    I guess there is no need in me buying them up then, huh!!!

    as I was about to. LOL

    I bought one for the hell of it anyway, even though I think I might have it in my Colts commons box.

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