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Thread: Help with Identifying a Card

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    Help with Identifying a Card

    I bought one of the Target packs with a guaranteed auto in it. The auto was of Steve Young. The problem I have, is that it is on his 1993 Fleer card #4 with a stamped COA. I'm thinking this is a buyback, but can't find any info on it anywhere. Anybody know how I can find this in Beckett?

    Thanks in advance,


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    The stamp says "Fleer mark of Authenticity" the card looks like the one in the link below except it is #4. Mainly trying to find out what set these were seeded in.

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    Well I found it on, it was actually an insert set of 1993 fleer, with no pricing

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    what you might have is just another variation of the young that you have seen there before. That young books at 50 bucks and i would say you can give or take 10 bucks on that value because a lot of the sets that you had back there were of a player ocllection like that and featured a bunch of those cards with a different front or were put at the end of the base set.. Look carefully at some of those sets and you will see a few cards like that im sure..

    Nice pull either way


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    Yeah, I liked it lol.

    Also got 2 basketball packs and another football one, got these:

    Dominique Wilkins
    Dean Garrett
    Glyn Milburn

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    The basketball was 4.99 it came with a pack of 03-04 Victory, and the football was 14.99 and it came with 12 misc. packs

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    wow, I wish I could pull a steve young auto. I've always wanted one. Best football auto I've ever pulled is a doug williams LOL. Amazingly, the williams books $50 believe it or not.

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