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Thread: looking for dual and triple GU

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    looking for dual and triple GU

    I am looking for any dual or triple GU right now, including multisport, multi player, and same player swatches. Lemme know what everyone has for trade and I'll see what I like!!!

    thanks all!


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    If interested I have a 01 UD Spx Jeff Bagwell/Craig Biggio duel jersey card BV-$15, LMK if you need it,

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    Check out my www below.You will find quite a number of the 02/03 UD Superstars dual jsy cards. Check my needs page to see if you have anything I could use in return.


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    Duals and Triples:

    00 SPX USA Winning Mat.bat (Wilkerson/Young)
    00 SPX Win.Mat.Update dual bases(Bagwell/Biggio)
    01 SPX Win.Mat.Jersey/bat(A.Jones,I Rod.)
    01 SPX Win.Mat.Jerseys(Milton/Mays)
    01 SPX Win.Mat.Trio Jerseys(Bagwell/Thomas/Delgado)
    01 Topp Traded dual Jersey(Hermanson)
    01 UD Pro&Pros.Dual bats(Kent/Alomar,Palmiero/Thome)
    01 UD Pro&Pros.Then & Now Dual Jersey(J.Edmonds,P.Martinez,Ventura)
    01 UD Pros.Prem Dual Jersey(Duncan/Goodwin,Switzer/Goslingx2)
    02 Fleer Auth.Ball Park Classic bat/bench(J.Morgan)
    02 Playoff Absolute Team Tandems dual bats(Giles/A.Ramirez)
    02 SPX Win.Mat.Dual(Green/Karros,Burnitz/Alfonsox2,Edmond/Drew,Hampton/Walker)

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    How about an 02 UD Diamond Connection Quad Bat? I can't remember who's on it, but check my site.

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    I have a 2002 SPX Mike Hampton(white w/purple pinstripe)/Larry Walker(Red allstar game jsy) Winning Materials Dual GU Jsy- BV $15

    LMK if interested.

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    2001 Kent/Alomar Pros and Prospects dual Bat

    2001 Thomas/Helton/Mcgwire UD Reser ball-base combo **


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    i have a 03 leaf limited edgar martinez dual bat/jersey numbered to 25 will trade or sell

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    2002-2003 Upper Deck Super Stars Gary Sheffield/Shareef Abdur-Rahim City All-Stars Dual Jersey

    2002 Heads Up germany/bryson/morris/riemersma quad jersey
    2002 Heads Up Jenkins/Gramatica/Makovicka/Mitchell quad jersey (all cardinals)

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    I have a 2002 UD Pros and Prospects Then and Now Robin Ventura dual jersey and a 2003 Fleer Authentix Game of the Week Adam Dunn/Lance Berkman dual jersey. lmk if interested.


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