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    Rookie Tandems (Double Game Used Footballs)

    # RT6 Rudi Johnson/ Chad Johnson

    i would like this card. i will trade for it or give cardcash for it. check out my site or let me know if you'll take cc. thanks

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    1) 2003 topps all american fabric of america kliff kingsbury rc bv12

    2) 2001 fleer tradition rookie retro threads ball w/stitching ladainian tomlinson bv30

    3) 2003 ultra touchdown kings michael vick jsy bv30

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    i think the bv on the johnson/johnson is 15 if i'm not mistaken. what kind of trade would you like to work out?

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    well could you pick out a card of mine that you like that you would be willing to trade the johnson/johnson for (equal bv) or tell me how much cardcash you want.

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