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Thread: Nasty Email!!!

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    Nasty Email!!!

    I received this tonight from a site that I used to buy presell from...

    Sir this is George Juanita's husband what is it I can help you with? You
    email my wife all the time and I see on the records you don't even
    qualify for the club pricing you have only bought one box off us ever.
    If someone is selling Retired Sigs for $485 go for it. Id like to see it
    also so I can show it to my Topps rep for thats below what Topps sells
    it direct for so obviously someone has a scam going. What is it you guys
    would like? Thank you, George

    I have sent her 10 emails probably over a 3 month period!!!! And here was my reply to him for those of you that know what this is in reference to !!!

    George sorry I didn't mean to offend anyone I wasn't aware that I had to buy a certain amount of cards to order through you....As for me only buying 2 boxes from you in the past I am just returning to collecting after a long break so I am purchasing a little wherever I can find the best deals....Below is the link to the auction that just closed tonight and what I was asking was myself and a few others from a forum we belong to were interested in 2 cases of your 2003 Topps Retired product and wanted to know if we could get a deal on two cases...

    Oh and bye the way I have bought two boxes get your records straight LOL........

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    Here was his reply to my last email that is posted above:

    I don't mean to sound rude but I would go ahead and buy it on ebay then.
    First off this product isnt due out for 2 months so whoever is selling
    them first off is breaking ebay rules...By buying an auction and paying
    for it on ebay and Paypal they have 30 days from auctions end to provide
    the merchandise which obviously wont be avaialbe. then after the 30 days
    he can just say oops sorry cant get them. I have seen scams on ebay like
    that thousands of times ebay and Paypal rules clearly state you are not
    protected as a buyer if you buy something thats going to be more than 30
    days released. This is a mid july release so theres no way this seller
    can have it within 30 days. As for our prices everyone we speak to tells
    us we have the best prices going and I have already sold over 30 cases
    of Retired sigs at that price theres just no need to lower it. Now like
    I said and my wife said if you guys were steady customers that would be
    diffeent but still in no way would I lower that far in fact like I say
    this product I dont have no desire to lower at all. Thanks George

    So all you have to do is buy $1000's of dollars worth of cards and then you are able to ask questions..............

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    See this is when a dealer buddy would come in handy. You could ask what kind of price they pay and find out of the $104 a box they're asking is decent.

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    What a jerk. Don't buy from that guy. Sounds like he's a commie! Seriously, don't take that. Take your business elsewhere.


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    Don't worry I am not going to buy anymore from this guy here is the email I sent back to him........

    Thanks for your answer, I guess I never knew that I had to buy hundreds of dollars of cards per month to qualify for club prices I thought it was a policy of your company to sell at competitive prices...Also in reference to the emails at best guess I would estimate 12 or so over the course of 3 months so about 1 per week and some of them were just asking kindly if you could send me you pre sell site address cause I didn't know how to save it on my new computer...Sorry to inconvenience you with emails and I can assure you, there will not be any emails from me bothering you with orders or questions anymore!!!

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    is that what he said you have to buy $1000 worth of product to get your questions answered.

    See i would say, have you ever heard of negotiating, that is what I am doing, look my man we have 500+ memebers, now I know that is not a lot, but it is for a group that has been together for only 2 months. I welcome you to come take a look at out site (insert your referral id here, qball) to see for yourself. Now I am not asking for anything for free, but we could create a business relationship that is workable, if you able to discount us on cases, i will do business with you can you only. There are other companies that I am looking at right now, but I trying to give you a shot to see what you can do us.
    The rudeness is not neccessary personally, why I have email you dear wife only a few times in the last 4-5 months, maybe they are other with similiar addy's, or maybe I wouldn't email her so much if I got my answers that I needed the first time, Just something for you to think about and that is probably why I haven't bought from you either.

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    Screw him, I don't want to give him business now!!! I might try and hire Iggy to go kick his A** since they are based out of Pittsburg LOL............

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    I think his customer service explained the neutrals and negatives on his feedback. What a jerk!!!

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    hey Qball what is the company?
    What is their website?
    What is their email address?
    Do they have a telephone #?
    do they sell on ebay?

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    Ya I think you dissed the one that was selling the case on ebay tonight, that was a different one than the one we were thinking of buying from...

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