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Thread: updated site

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    updated site

    check my site out. click on the www at the bottom. I maybe could sell too

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    2002 flair patrick ramsey rc

    I like this. Check my site and see if there is anything you like or need. Also do you have anything in my sig for trade? lmk Thanks

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    i have a score peppers rc too. Your site won't load. What cards do u have thats in my sig?

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    Already have the Peppers. Site loads good for me,try again.

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    That was fast,lol. No problem Thanks for your time.

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    whats bv on the topps traded chrome pujols rc? did you still want the honors atrain rc jersey? plmk, dwayne

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    the bv is 40 and i never said i wanted it. The pujols is not for trade like i said.

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