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Thread: Newest Ebay Steal!!!!!!!!!1

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    Newest Ebay Steal!!!!!!!!!1

    Book Value is not out yet but I suspect it will go for at least $60,

    2 awesome Rookies

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    you know what sucks? That $4.50 for Priority Mail (which ONLY costs $3.85) and $3 for 1st class.

    You can put 2 cards in 2 top loaders and mail for $0.49 1st-class mail.

    HATE people who screw others with BS S&H

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    I agree totally with you podstock!!!!

    I was pissed at the S&H price but I don't think you can get a better deal on this card so I am happy

    Thanks radioheadfloyd

    Should ask the person to send normally, don't think they would do that though

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    Nice pickup RNC! You gotta love it as a buyer and hate it as a seller. :)

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    BIG Props to everyone at SCF as you chase 14 Million posts!

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    I couldn't believe it was so low, I couldn't find it under Rick Nash just typed in Nash and it came up, it ended at like 1:00 am so that is why not many people snipped

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    That was pretty cheap I bought one with 2 colors on each swatch for $18 this weekend, and thought it was a good deal.

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    I haven't collected cards for about 4 years now. Just went through college and didn't have the money. I'm starting to get into it again. What type of cards seem to be most popular now? When i stopped, UD, bowman's best were pretty good.

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    damn good card rick nash collector...too bad i didnt get to it first

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