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Thread: Help! What is this card?

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    Help! What is this card?

    I have this Manning card graded by AGS that I have no idea what it is. I appreciate any help I can get. Thanks.

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    I tried looking it up in Beckett price guide online

    with the above link, you can search for the particular card of yours above.

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    Actually what I think that is Collectors Edge did a Peyton Manning Promo and that's what you got there. There's 2 different versions... one's numbered out of /6000 and the other isn't numbered. The no number one ungraded books at $10 and the #'ed one graded books at $5

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    That was sold on shop at home , One of those deals that guarranteed you a Manning Or Moss graded 9 or better

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    Thanks guys, I wasn't too sure about it. I had ideas, but nothing solid.

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    And by the way....welcome to our board.

    Hope you like it here.

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    This is defintely a promo. I saw one the other day on an online auction and it said it was purchased on a T.V. call in show. I guess it's Shop at Home.


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