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Thread: would you do this trade?

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    would you do this trade?

    im trading this;
    01 honors rookie quad gu-tom/terrell/atrain/brees

    01 ud pros&prospects rc-mcallister

    both book $80

    plmk your opinion. thanks

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    no iwouldnt trade a non gud for a gud but thats just my opinion

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    if one of the players in the gu is doing bad, the card might decrease in value because of 1 player

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    if you want that card more than the other then offense steeler, but i think its stupid when people say they only trade gu for gu and autos for are cards regardless if they are GU or auto, base or insert

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    well you can buy a mcallister for $20-$28
    where the quad sells for about $35-$42

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    I dunno. The presence of brees and terrell kinda hurts the quad. then again, tomlinson & atrain help it. Only question is whether this year's performance by atrain is just a fluke. Really up to you, but I'd make the trade, since I like mcallister more than that quad.

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    Its up to you boss. Are any of those guys your favorite player?

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