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Thread: Damn Straight!

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    Unhappy Damn Straight!

    just opened one target pack:

    got shaq autographics
    yes baby

    shaking, please excuse any typos!

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    gio- regular autographics are not numbered

    brunell- the black/blue ink was only 96-97 autographics

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    how much is it?

    start looking to sell it for CASH before Shaq passes his prime and isn't as hot a commodity as before

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    bv is $200

    im not looking to sell it, im a collector, im going to be keeping all this stuff for as long as i can...if i was taking that philosophy id have to sell half my good stuff anyway lol

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    Nice pull!!!

    Glad to see another collector here and not someone trying to make a quick buck. Thats why its called a HOBBY,not an investment group!!!!

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    thats why im here and not on traders one there actually keeps what they have, they either sell it or just retrade it
    i find it rediculous

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    I think everyone is a collector to some extent. I only collect my favorite players and stuff, and once i get those cards, i put them away and they arent for trade...but when i get a card i dont really care for, i either sell or trade them..i dont see anything wrong with that.


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