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Thread: Any current A's autos wanted

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    Any current A's autos wanted

    I'm looking for any current Oakland A's autographs if you have any to deal LMK



    my page


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    i have the following...

    mulder 1999 team best
    zito 2000, 2001 team best

    give me a sec. and i'll check your pg

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    does the baylor sweet spot auto picture him w/ the angels??? if so lmk if you are interested in the autos i listed.

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    I have
    2003 Playoff Piece of the Game Mark Mulder auto/jsy #/100
    2003 Patch Collection Barry Zito

    I'm goin to bed now, but I'll check your site in the morning. Thanks


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    I have these:

    97 Best Eric Chavez ($15)
    98 Bowman Eric Chavez ($25)
    96 Leaf Signature Extended Autograph Jermaine Dye [Braves Uni] ($10)

    Total - $50

    I can use this:

    00 UD Legends Vladimir Guerrero ($40)

    How about my three ($50) for the Vlad ($40)?
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    halonut- not huge on minor league autos.. and I really like sweet spot autos so dont think ill do

    cubs- i like both of those.... let me know what u like

    ac- not looking to trade down ...

    lmk and thanks


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    zito, didn't see anything I'd trade for the two. I'm working on building my collection, so I'll check back with you later and maybe we can work something out. Thanks


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