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    Trading P. Manning for Baseball

    I have the following Manning Rookies and other first year cards for trade:

    98 Bowman Chrome Preview Refractor #1
    98 Bowman's Best #112
    98 Collectors Edge First Place Successors #16
    98 Collectors Edge Supreme Seasons Review #74B
    98 Fleer Brilliants Shing Star #9
    98 Score #233
    98 Stadium Club Double Threats (with Faulk) #DT1
    98 Ultra #201 Graded 8.5 (BGS)
    98 Ultra #416
    98 Ultra Next Century #2
    98 Upper Deck Super Powers #S16

    I am looking for baseball RC's in return.

    Please let me know. Thanks,


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    Jerry- I am looking for RC's of Nomar, Jeter,Bonds,Sosa,Maddux, Molitor, ARod, Clemens. Also looking for graded RC's or vintage.

    Brian- I did not see any baseball RC's on your list. Do you have any?

    Always looking for Graded Vintage (Pre-1980)

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    the only 2 rcs I have extra of are:
    93 Topps rc #98 Derek Jeter
    90 Score rc #558 Sammy Sosa
    If interested, I also have rcs of:
    Mark Teixera
    H. Blalock
    A. Kearns
    P. Burrell
    and many more

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    98 Bowman's Best #112

    I want this. I have these rookies of sosa:
    1990 Donruss
    1990 Topps (I think)
    1990 Upper Deck

    and I have a whole ton of other rookies of other guys. also have a 2002 Topps Chrome Joe Mauer RC BV $10 if interested. I also have a 2003 Upper Deck Hideki Matsui RC I'd like to trade if you're interested in it.

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