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Thread: lookn for 2003 rookies

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    lookn for 2003 rookies

    i need some 2003 rookies let me kno what u need ive got alot for trade they dont have to be high end rokies sjut simple ones to i sjut need sme cuz i dont have ne thanks

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    atually boh now that i thnk of it both sports basketballa nd football 03-04 02-03

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    hey balin u got a lot of rooks id like what are u lookin for?

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    brandinboggs if I could get like 1-3 Gu or Au or 1 good AU/GU for what you watn I would do it let me know what u have and what u want

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    the olny auto. i have are mcdyess larry johnson(chiefs) and william avery as of now

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    i would really like to trade for the mcdyess auto if its a major brand...i have a lot of rookies from this year and last, mostly lower end though. please let me know which players you want!

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    Topps Chrome Drew Gooden refractor rookie
    Topps Chrome Manu Ginobili rookie
    Topps Chrome Carlos Boozer rookie
    Any interest?

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