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    Need to reduce inventory...(02 Topps Traded here, also!) I am moving and cannot take all of the cards I have. So, most everything I have is for sale, except my Pirates cards and my partially completed 03 Topps Chrome set. Here's some things that aren't on my site that are also for sale:

    2000 Topps Complete Set--$25 shipped
    2003 Stadium Club Complete Set--$20 shipped

    a nice sized box of commons, minor stars, and stars such as Ichiro, Ken Griffey Jr., among others. This is going to be $50 shipped, as this thing weighs a ton!

    also another box of commons, with 1500 exact cards, like the other, for $20 shipped.

    also have partial sets of 89-03 Upper Deck sets, more 00-03 than anything else.

    partial sets of 00 Upper deck Victory, 1998 Score, and 2002 Topps Traded--will sell singles from the 02 Topps Traded as I have (2) Dontrelle RCs!

    a 2001 Fleer Legacy Scott Rolen Autographed hat--$20 shipped.

    plus I have tons and tons of commons, minor stars, and at least a card of most everyone in the majors! Not too many vintage, probably the oldest I still have is '76

    I accept cash @ ur own risk, or checks. (preferrably checks, but it's ur choice)

    Thanx, and I hope to deal with you!

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    i like this:
    2002 Fleer Tradition Update #U97

    i will give you:
    2003 topps total bobby bradley
    2003 topps total craig wilson
    2003 topps total kris benson
    2003 topps total brian boehringer
    2003 topps total joe beimel

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    2002 Fleer Tradition Update #U97

    need this one......plmk

    also u got any john vanbenschoten for trade?

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