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Thread: Nolan Ryan gu ft

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    Nolan Ryan gu ft

    Ive got a 03 sweet spot classics nolan ryan gu jersey ft bv 40 i beleive looking for another gu or auto but..will listen to any offers thanks.

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    Take a look at my site and see if ya find something! It may take more then 1 but thats up to you! LMK

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    I'm interested.
    Take a look at my site and LMk if you see anything.

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    I still have the Manny Auto on hold for you. Are you still going to buy it? I need to know ASAP.

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    blacktail-i like your ripken gu and icjiro gu what do they book?

    patrick- i like your done auto but that is worth more than 40

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    Ripken books $30 I think and the ichiros are $20. I dont know if I want to trade the cals but maybe we can work with tyhe ichiros! LMK

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    Yeah, it's definitely worth more than $40. Do you have any good autos to add to the Ryan?

    If not, perhaps another time...

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    blacktail-no thanks

    patrick-my autos are high bv nothin in 30 dollar range

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