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    Filling 01 Topps and 89 Donruss.

    I have thousands from each of these sets. I'm trading BV for BV. I'm looking for inserts, RCs, autos, GU, etc. in exchange. List your needs.
    (Also feel free to check my tradesite.)

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    In the 01 Topps I am looking for
    JR House Prospects cards
    BobbY Bradley Prospect cards.
    Sean urnett Draft Pick cards
    Jeff Reboulet Card # 141
    Bill Mazeroski Golden Moments card

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    I already gave you all of my Burnett, House and Bradley cards.
    I have Reboulet and Maz.

    Total BV is $0.40.
    14 cc dlvd. or 4cc and a SASE.
    Not enough BV for a trade.

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    I forgot about the House and Burnett.
    I will send you 4cc and a SASE.
    PM me your address and I will mail out SASE tomorrow morning.
    Thanks again

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    jly500 - I haven't gotten your SASE yet, just wanted to make sure you didn't forget.

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