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    Oh Target packs, how I love thee...

    Up until today my luck with the Target packs had been decent. Nothing too stellar, but not too much of the crap autos. Today I walked into the store to pick up some snacky foods and I saw they had four Target packs. Naturally I bought all of them and hit the motherlode. Here's the results:

    Victory Packs:

    Yao Ming Monster Jams ($6)
    Michael Jordan Highlight Reels Gold Parallel 17/100 ($80)

    Autograph Packs:

    Ervin Johnson 99 - 00 Skybox Autographic ($6)
    Glen Rice 98 -99 Skybox Autographics ($20)
    Ray Allen 96 - 97 Skybox Emerald Autographs ($80)
    Joe Dumars 1994 Skybox USA Autographs ($125)

    Not bad for $20.

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    No, my previous best card was a Mutombo auto from 91-92 Fleer and then I got several autos ranging between $10 and $30, plus the obscure Ron Mercer one. BTW, congrats on the Shaq.

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    oh man...i really want to start buying theses!!! do you know if they are in the targets near chicago?

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    TheBurn - they are in every target if they haven't been "raided" yet--what I mean by this is that so many people online know of the quality of these that they have been selling out rapidly.

    Good luck though--best pull I've had is mutombo auto 1991-92 that everyone seems to be getting.

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    By the way, I was at a Target in College Station, TX this weekend, and it looked like they hadn't sold any of them yet. I completely struck out on mine though.

    I got Antonio McDyess, TWO Danny Ferry autos (THE SAME DAMN CARD), Anthony Johnson, and Keith van Horn. Maybe not a complete strike out, but pretty darn close!

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    I hate you all! :D

    I bought 2 and here's the scrubs I got :

    Felix Lopez
    Tyrone Hill

    Great pulls eh?

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    Joe Dumars 1994 Skybox USA Autographs ($125)

    This books for $125.00? If you can get 1/4 of that, sell it and run.

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