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Thread: Quad Bat Card for SALE!!

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    Quad Bat Card for SALE!!

    I have a 2002 Upper Deck Diamond connection bat around quads game used bat card of Ken Griffey Jr./Sammy Sosa/Fred McGriff/Rafael Palmeiro. All these players are ( or will be ) in the 500 HR club. It is a good addition to any collection. It books for 25 and I am asking 12$ dlvd.



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    Hey surfer88, Are you willing to trade this...2003 Studio Private Signings Lew ford /200 bv 15$... Check my www,PLMK---Mike

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    didnt see anything i needed sorry. but are eoyu interested in buying the quad bat crd?


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    Hey Surfer, i dont have $12 right now, are you willing to trade? Let me know

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    Dont really need anything of yours chibearscubs sorry..If you wait a while and no one buys it I will sell it to you.

    dewey - i will check it rite now

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    let me know if you want anything off my site have a nice arod ill trade

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