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Thread: i need money

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    i need money ****sale*****

    im selling most o fmy collection i need money very bad i ahve fines to pay and bills so give me one player at a time please and i will see what i can d footballl basketball or baseball
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    Do you have any Shawn Bradley, or Manute Bol cards? If you have some I need I might buy them.

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    I want any players cards that are on the sacramento kings roster any even bench players

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    i have a few bradleys and for kings players? haha i have soooo many i have like 42 webbers alone lol

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    Amare, NEne, or good Autos. PM me if you have any good ones, I will buy them
    I collect:
    NY Giants (especially Eli Manning, Evan Engram, Sterling Sheppard, Landon Collins)
    NFL and NBA Rookies of players that became impact players within their sports.
    Unlike many collectors, I am not big on Game Used cards. Will gladly trade GU cards for RCS!

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