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Thread: Question about 2002 Topps

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    Question about 2002 Topps

    I was looking through my collection agin tonight when i found these cards...

    2002 Topps (regular i think)
    1. Card Number PP1 Corey Dillon
    2.PP2 Marvin Harrison
    3.PP3 Curtis Martin
    4. PP4 Daunte Culepepper
    5. PP5 Brian Urlacher
    6.PP6 Tom Brady

    The thing is when i look these cards up in Beckett they are not there. Then number 1 under 2002 Topps isn't Corey Dillon, and the same for the others. I cant find this on beckett online either....Is this some kind of insert, or is it like a promotinal card thats not listed. The cards look noprmal then the other set but a lighter green....If some one could help me, that would be great,

  2. Kronozio
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    Sounds like its a different version of topps to me but iw ent to and did not find a thing

    good luck in what could be some quite rare cards


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    Yah, itodd because its like its own "mini" set that i have no idea where i got it from...hmmmm

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    I too have a set or 2 of these cards.... I got these cards directly from TOPPPS.... I sent in some damaged cards and they sent them back to me with the PP cards and had a note attached to them saying "for your postage"..... I have no idea what value (if any) they have....

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    Exactly where mine came from also. I received the same set back with some cards I had returned for damage, and I thought it was a nice gesture from Topps. Probably no real "value" to them, however.

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    yah that makes sense...any added value u think? Or any to be said?

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