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    WTTF Chipper or Andruw Jones Auto...

    Looking for a Chipper Jones or Andruw Jones auto...

    I will trade a couple of my autos for one of theirs...Really just looking for some of their lower end autographs. I have many nice autos and game-used on my site to trade...
    I really need one so PLMK..I can also add in a little cash if necessary.

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    hey i'll trade you my chipper auto for your bob gibson and ralph kiner auto's. lmk

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    what type of card is it and what is the BV? I can do that trade probably.

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    did you get my e-mail with the attachment of the chipper? lmk

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    Yes I did....I didn't really like it that much. I was hoping the COA would be on the card. Plus I got me an andruw Jones auto today for the Bob Gibson.

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