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Thread: 2 NEEDS

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    2 NEEDS

    Any willis mcgahee.. for cc or trade i cant pay cahs sorr

    Any chirs kelsay (bills rookie DE)

    lmk what u got....

    i may be intersted in Amos Zereoue and Avon Couborne Thanx

    ireally want a ud mcgahee and a topps mcgahee.. .score will be good als... I WANT NE ACTually lol


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    McGahee, Willis
    2003 Donruss Gridiron Kings RC #114 Silver Parallel (serialed #071/150)
    2003 Upper Deck MVP Future MVP #RB4
    2003 Upper Deck MVP RC #357
    2003 Fleer Tradition RC #274

    Email if interested.

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    i really like the Jerome McDougal auto you have.....I've got the these-

    03 Topps Willis McGahee
    03 Presspass Big Numbers Willis Mcgahee

    I have a few Avon Cobournes and Amos Zeruoes as well...Let me know. Thanks

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    wttr... how much cc for the topps mcgahee... the mcdougal auto is gone.. .my site hasnt been updated in so long

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    i have a lot... i have a freeze frame of donovan mcnabb ill do that and a sase for the mcgahee lmk

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