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    Shaq autographics FT for Baseball

    I have a 1999-00 SkyBox Premium Autographics of Shaquille O'Neal BV $200.00, I am looking for baseball auto(s) back in return, looking for high end stuff, and the most id probably do is 2-3 cards for the shaq if im trading down.

    LMK thanks

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    Hi check my www, I also have alot of rookie baseball send names.

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    interested in the shaq autographics but don't ask for the prior. anything else is available.

    i see that you are trying to complete the set of 00 skybox autographics, do you happen to have any extras you are willing to trade? assuming we are both going for the same thing, i have an extra trevor hoffman and kelvim esobar autographics from this set.


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