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Thread: Randy Johnson GU #'d 13/50

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    Randy Johnson GU #'d 13/50

    03 Fleer Authentix Randy Johnson "Unripped" GU Jersey Serial #'d 13/50
    BV $60.00

    Looking for Yankee GU Jersey's or Auto's in return.


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    I have a 2001 UD Prospect Premieres Jerome Williams Auto, if you have any interest. LMK either way.

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    Thanks for the response but, not interested in that one.


    Thanks for the response but, didn't see anything.


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    Since there seems to be a shortage of Yankee Cards I'm looking for, I thought I'd try this -

    I would be willing to Sell this $60.00 BV Card - Delivered (Bubble Mailer appropriate packaging w/ Delivery Confirmation) for $22.00

    If you are interested and will pay via Money Order, plmk.


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