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Thread: Fergie Jenkins AUTO FS

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    Fergie Jenkins AUTO FS/FT--CUBS

    2003 Donruss Team Heroes Fergie Jenkins AUTO #35/50. BV $25. Make me an offer. This is in a Cubbies Uniform!!
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    ill give ya this for it...

    2002 Playoff POG Tim Hudson GU Glove #ed/50 (BV $25)

    lemme know


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    I'm gonna have to pass on it right now...but if no one else is interested I'll get back to ya.


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    2001 UD Piece of history Greg Maddux Jersey BV $25 (I think, but should double check price)

    I'll offer this.

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    Hey, i'm not sure what you are looking to get for the Jenkins auto.... please check my site. Let me know.

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    Rick, how about this:
    The Jenkins AUTO
    03 Topps Chrome Record Breakers Ref. Juan Gonzalez JSY
    02 Bowmans Best Blue Josh Bonifay AUTO

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    I can do that moose. Send me a pm to let me know, I gotta run right now.


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