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    Anyone Want These Cards "Cheap"

    Hi I am trying to sell all the cards I dont want anymore to make some money to pay some bills. I listed prices below with the cards and that includes shipping. Someone has to want some of these

    03/04 Sp Game Used Stuff Jersey Etc....

    Lamar Odom Authentic Patch #ed 16/100 Two colors $6.00
    Joe Johnson Authentic Fabrics $4.00
    Bostjan Nachbar Authentic Fabrics $4.00
    Drew Gooden All Star Apparel $5.00
    Pau Gasol Jersey $5.00
    Leandrinho Barbosa Authentic Rookie #ed 488/999 $4.00
    MJ Tribute #97 #ed 833/999 $4.00

    02/03 Inspirations Gordan Giricek Autograph #ed 1489/1600 $6.00

    03/04 Fleer Ultra Platinum Medallion Nene #ed 75/100 $3.00

    03/04 Upper Deck Mvp Kobe Bryant Monumental Moments Insert $4.00

    03/04 Standing "O" Rookie Lebron James $15.00

    not to much here but if you need commons tell me I might have them I just didnt want to list a whole bunch it takes to long. You can e-mail me at or respond to this article or you can even send me a personal message. I'm flexable with my prices so just ask. Thanks.

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    ok matrix813 are you willing to pay 15 delivered for it talk to me I need the money

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    jydfan13 so does that matrix guy are you willing to pay 15 for it

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    BBallin240 like i said in the post i need money right now any other time I would trade you but not right now I only need money. Also i did look at your website and really saw nothing I am only interested in sacramento kings cards current players.

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