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Thread: players lists wanted

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    players lists wanted

    post your fav players cards you want and i will look through my collection i only sell baseball cards and about the players you want to post here i dont accept card numbers your looking for on here just players that you like alot and willing to buy cards from me

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    I don't specialize in specific players per se. However, being from New York State, I am interested in Mets & Yankees cards from this year. You've seen my wrestling list in one of the other forums. I think we can work some kind of deal. LMK ASAP via PM.
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    Dontrelle Willis, Miguel Cabrera, Juan Pierre, Carlos Beltran, Jody Geurt, Victor Martinez, Jeff Duncan. PLMK what you have.


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    Greg Maddux
    Matt Kata
    Always looking for Greg Maddux cards, auto's, GU, etc.

    Maddux Collection - 1692/6772 25%

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    Alfonso Soriano, Jason Anderson, and Michel Hernandez. PLMK!

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    ChiBearsCubs03 i am just wondering if you still want that mark grace card for 2 dollars its a 1998 fleer ultra gold medallon edition let me know and for the rest of you i will get back to you once i look more through my card collection

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    CoolAzDad i got 7 greg maddux cards the first one is a league leaders era leaders topps card number 231 year 1998 the second card i have is a 1999 pacific number 36 of greg maddux the third card i have is a fleer ultra 1998 card number 122 the forth card i have is a upper deck collectors choice 1997 ab12 the fith card is a flerr ultra 1997 artistiv talents 8 of 18 and the last card i have is a 1993 fleer ultra card number 307 all these are greg maddux let me know if your interested in any of them

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    Thanks for checking, I already have all of those cards!
    Always looking for Greg Maddux cards, auto's, GU, etc.

    Maddux Collection - 1692/6772 25%

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    i also have a graded card of greg maddux a 1987 topps traded #70t but your prob have that card to let me know

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