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Thread: GU-AUTOS-RC's For Sale...

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    GU-AUTOS-RC's For Sale...

    I have the following gu, autos, and RC's for Sale...I need a few bucks so I am willing to part with these...LMK if interested.

    1998 Donruss Signatures Daryle Ward Auto $3 shipped

    2000 Fleer Autographics Kevin Millwood Auto $7 shipped

    2003 Fleer Fall Classics Fred Lynn Auto #'d/275 $7 shipped

    2002 SPX Mike Hampton(2 colored)/Larry Walker winning Materials Dual GU Jsy- $7 shipped

    2003 Fleer Ultra Luis Gonzalez Moonshots Jersey (with stripe) $3 shipped

    1993 Topps Draft Picks Derek Jeter RC $7 shipped

    Thanks and LMK!

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    ar eyou sure the kevin millwood autographics is fleer and not skybox? do you have a scan of that card?

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    I'm sure...No scan but you can ask blackdiamond66...She is the one who traded it to me.....

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    ok nevermind then, i'm looking for autographics that look like the 2nd one. some people mistake either the year (99 or 00) or they mistake the company (fleer or skybox).


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