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    Looking for.......

    I am looking for spx auto gu rcs in basketball and football, auto gu in basketball, baseball, and football, holmes, portis, harrington, randy moss, Jamal Lewis rcs BV 10 or more greg miller (dodgers) Jose Reyes, Pujols, Lebron James, Carmello anthony

    I want cards of the players above BV 10 or more. Check my site out and see if you like anything.

    I don't have adrean peterson auto.

    jamal lewis hashmarks (part of the turf) BV 15

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    i have these...

    2000 ultra jamal lewis rc

    2002 ud clinton portis rc


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    i have a fleer focus jamal lewis rc and a 98 topps seasons best moss rookie card

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    great_one_55- not interested

    brandinboggs- not interested

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