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    Any Expert Micky Mantle Memorabilia Collectors Out There That Can Help Me Out

    I came across a wooden baseball bat it is a Worth 500 model on the fat end of the bat it says Mantle Style Pro-Line,but what is really exciting is that on the nob of bat it has M.M with an upsidedown #7 and someone has applied green paint over it to highlight it,I don't know what I have it could be a fantastic piece of sports memorabilia.The bat is also in great shape,can anyone give me any info on what I may have.

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    Can you post a picture of it. It could be either A. an authentic Mantle bat, or B. a reproduction bat. A picture or two would help me more in determining its authenticity. Also, try the PSA board, as that also has many vintage collectors on it.


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