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Thread: sets wanted

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    sets wanted

    Looking to trade for complete sets without shortprints

    2002 sp authentic

    2003 flair

    I have sets back to 1993 to trade or will trade inserts.

    Please lmk


  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    i might have a full set of 2002 sp authentic..if it's not a full set, it might be missing about 5 cards but i have to double check.

    are you only looking to trade full set for full set or will you do a set filler for a set filler..if so, i am in need of some 2001 donruss signature base.

    let me know.

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    I would be willing to do either, but I don't have any donruss signatures.


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    hmmm well do you have any cheap albert pujols rc? that's all i can ask for unless you have some cheap autos you can trade.

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