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    03 Sweet Spot Mark Prior auto FT

    Hi---I have this for trade---it is incoming, I expect it in the next day or 2-----------(want to "nail" down a trade now, and we can both send when my card arrives)---Thanks, "Nail"

    BV is $150----Possibly trade for an auto of one of these guys---

    Nolan Ryan
    Barry Bonds
    Cal Ripken Jr
    Or offer any HOF baseball auto

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    Im interested, check my newest post (Tradelist with corrections) and tell me if you like anything.

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    StUkARuDeL ---I like this, bv is a little off, is there anything from my trade list you like?---"Nail"

    2003 SP Yankee Stars Chirography Roger Clemens /75 bv$200

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    I couldnt resist looking at your PC, But is there anyway I could get your Bondd topps ten auto? Maybe replace that with the Prior?
    If not we can discuss something else

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    interested in a few cards including the sweet spot auto of prior and willis and the 2001 donruss signature #/800 (mackowiak and snow) you have.

    i have a pujols rc that i am willing to part with, check my site and let me know of anything that interests you.


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    ---You have some great cards listed on your site, however, didn't see anything I could trade the Sweet Spot auto's for----
    If you need the 01 Don. Sig. rc's, they only book $8 ea. I could trade for any $10 auto or gu (baseball) that you would want to pick out and send---LMK---Thanks, "Nail"

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    let me know what you want either game used or auto (10.00) and i'd be interested in working something out for the 2 don. sig.

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    Check my site for the hell of it, lmk if you see anything you need for the Prior..Thanks Bro


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