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Thread: CC for Pudge and Teixeira

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    CC for Pudge and Teixeira

    Looking for Pudge and most any Teixeira(especially rookies).
    Would also love to get a Teixeira auto if possible but looking for commons, inserts and base too. LMK what you got and we'll work something out.

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    Am I to believe that nobody has any Pudge or Teixeira cards to sell?

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    I've got these:
    Ivan Rodriguez
    01 Upper Deck Reserve #41
    02 Donruss #144
    02 Upper Deck Diamond Connection #19
    02 Upper Deck Vintage #65
    03 Bazooka #101
    03 Donruss #209
    03 Fleer Box Score #10
    03 Fleer Double Header #78
    03 Fleer Hot Prospects #53
    03 Fleer Platinum #92
    03 Fleer Tradition #193
    03 Fleer Ultra #152
    03 Leaf #252
    03 Upper Deck 40-Man T40 #866
    03 Upper Deck Standing O! #28
    03 Upper Deck Vintage #154

    Mark Teixeira
    03 Topps 205 #127

    LMK if ya need any of 'em.

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    2002 Sweet Spot Swatches Ivan Rodriguez #S-IR
    Looking for CC
    Make an offer if you want it.
    Thanks, John

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    This is more like it.
    I'll go over my list and see what I need and let you guys know.
    Thanks for the replies.

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    lprimus-All I need from you are...
    01 Upper Deck Reserve #41
    03 Upper Deck 40-Man T40 #866
    They book for $1.35
    Would you do them for 40CC?
    LMK. Thanks.

    johnnym14-I do need that one. It books $10.
    Would you do it for 130CC?
    LMK. Thanks.

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    Make it 25cc. I feel like I'll be overcharging you at 40cc. :)

    I'll get 'em out to ya tomorrow.

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    Thanks a lot. :D
    CC sent. LMK if you need my address.

    Btw, do you have any need for an '03 Leaf Clean up Crew insert of Giambi/Williams and Posada?

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    Already got that one. Thanks though! And, I believe I still have your address at home. If I need it, I'll PM ya.

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    No thanks. I buy CC at .01 per. 130 would only be $1.30 and I still have to pay for shipping. I would want 300 CC. Thanks.

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