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Thread: how did i do/

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    how did i do/

    well.. the thing i dont get is it says its sp and bv 20...

    what do u think that means... cause the base chrome books 8 lmk what u all think...w hen i get the card its for trade/sale lol

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    The Refractor version books for $20. The only other thing I could think of is maybe he isn't using beckett as a guide, maybe Tuff Stuff?

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    o tyhen maybe it is a refractor and he didnt list it that it was and thats why i got it for so low.. .but if it is the refractor how did i do... if it isnt the refractor.. how did i do... lol.. please answer those 2 ? people lol

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    You did great either way. If you can get a RC of a decent player for a penny, you did great!

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    Honestly.....Dixon Chrome for $2.01 delivered isnt really a steal. I will sell you some other Chrome cards for around that rate as a lot if youd like. PM me if interested

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    its great if you dont include the shipping...but even with, you didnt overpay too much

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