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Thread: Game used to trade

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    Game used to trade

    i have the following to trade
    03 topps dp&p carson palmer chrome
    03 topps dp&p willis mcgahee chrome
    02 upper deck graded drew bledsoe jsy
    02 playoff preferred donovan mcnabb jsy #299/400
    00 upper deck city stars brees/hoffman
    01 upper deck vintage ray lewis jsy
    02 playoff honors rc tandems mccown/davey ball cards
    03 playoff league leaders brady/collins dual jsys #220/250
    00 topps pro bowl jsy carnell lake
    02 fleer authentix ed mccaffrey jsy
    02 fleer hot materials lavernius coles jsy
    00 fleer gamers uniformity az-zahir-akim jsy
    02 fleer box scores curtis martin jsy
    02 ovation peerless price jsy
    01 fleer premium perfol jerry rice jsy #127/900

    looking for gameused/autos and rookies of albert pujols,mark prior,priest holmes,ahman green,carmelo anthont and lebron james

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    I am interested in this card...

    02 playoff honors rc tandems mccown/davey ball cards

    I dont have any of the players that you listed in your wants is a link to my tradelist ...and let me know if anything catches your eye...


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    possible trade

    i would like to have the 02 playoff prestige rc of jeremy shockey for the davey/mccown.
    lmk god bless

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    That sounds good to me ...ill pm you my info...



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    01 upper deck vintage ray lewis jsy

    What is BV on this? I am interested check my site and LMK.

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    bv is 20.00 on the lewis

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