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    Willing To BUY an Andy Marte Autograph..

    Please Let me know if you have one..


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    I have his 2003 Finest autograph, let me know how much you will pay for it and we will take it from there.

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    Whats the lowest you can go on it?


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    Make me an offer and we will go from there.

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    Well..I have already found one...If our deal falls through I will contact you about it....Would you be willing to trade it? Check my site:
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    I might be willing to trade it for one of your andruw jones autos.

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    Well...since I already have one, I really don't want to trade it for one of the Jones autos...Did you see anything else you liked?

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    Not really, sorry man. SInce I saw that you were interested, I have a Chipper Jones buyback auto.

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    What do you need for it? I'm very interested :)

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