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Thread: g/u!!!!!!!!!!look at this

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    g/u!!!!!!!!!!look at this

    id like to trade for some g/u
    i dont ahve any and i would like some they dont have to be high end and frankly they dont ahve to be in the greatest of condition i woul jsut like a few of these let me kno what ud want for some?
    and autos dont have to be perfect or high end either thanks

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    what are you offering in trade? I have some football and Baseball if interested. LMK thanks

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    welp basicaly everything i have my card cash wich isnt much and tuff but yea....lemme kno what ya go and tell me what ud want in place and maybe we can get somehting together?

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    I am selling these 2 Mets GU:

    2001 Private Stock Rey Ordonez white jersey BV $10
    2001 Private Stock Edgardo Alfonzo white jersey w/ large blue stripe BV $10 (maybe even more because of the stripe )

    I'm looking for $6 + SASE for the pair of them. That's only 30% of BV! LMK if interested!

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