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Thread: quick! please help if u can!

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    quick! please help if u can!

    PLEASE! if u can get this for me ill trade pretty good for it! plmk!

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    hey.... its going pretty high... i can get it if you want it bad but i need something pretty good in returm.... i have it up to 4.25 right now plus 2 shipping

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    dude its at 8.50 now plus 2 shipping.... im going to need quite a bit for it if you want me to keep going... lmk how high you want me to go

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    This will probably get up to like 50 bucks so you might want to watch out such low numbered cards get high. Especially of someone having a good year so far.

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    hey man... hes right.... the highest i can go is a total of 15... i cant drain my bank account.... sorry

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