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Thread: Looking for Manu Ginobili

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    Looking for Manu Ginobili

    Plmk if you got any of his cards.. I'm trying to collect him.. but man its getting tougher.. he's quite a player.. plmk what ya got.. thanks

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    i have an 03-04 fleer focus home and away #ed to 500 bv $4

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    I'm interested.. who you looking for besides carmello.. I don't have any of his.. sorry.. plmk I really need that one..

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    ive got his bowman signature edition auto/rc BV $50

    your site isnt working, could you please give me a list of Certified Autos from major companies that have a close value


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    bdrr.. sorry no autos that high of bv yet.. I have a peyton #'d auto that isn't listed in anything that was a super bowl giveaway..not sure on its bv.. how much would you sell for? It'd be a little while even that way.. but please let me know.. thanks

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    id probably sell it for half book ($25)...ginobli is selling well right now :(

    lmk if interested

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    cool.. I need it.. whats bv and who ya looking for.. its the english vers right? thanks again for the reply..

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    Guys I'm also willing to pay CardCash for manu base/inserts if you got any plmk..

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    The Ginobili chrome rookie is worth either $12 or $8. I'm not sure if the international one is the more expensive card. My card is the English version. I'd take $2 dlvd if you want to do it that way.

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