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    Arrow Someone please do a TRADE with me....

    please check out my site. I am willing to trade anything on there for #'d, GU, Autos, auto'd/gu. I may not except all of them, but I'm not looking to trade down. Only thing.

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    are you still looking for the 01 private stock, i think i might have a juan gonzalez, larry walker, and rafael palmeiro (jersey).

    lmk if you have anything on my wantlist.

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    Sorry, I dont think I have anything on your wantlist. Sorry we cant make a trade.

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    Do you have any 1976 Topps

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    Actually, I do have one box that has a lot of around 1976 Topps. I'll have to look for it. As well, I could help you make a pretty big dent in your set wantlists on your site. Just give me abouta day or two and PM me and I'll tell you what I find.
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    1999 Just Autos Reggie Taylor BV 2

    I do like this, but not sure if you want to make a $2 trade :)

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    What's the BV on the Mystery Ortiz auto? I like that, I remember you saying in older posts that it was like 4. Can I put one more thing with it to get that?

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    sorry, I traded the mystery auto. anything else you liked?

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    I am only interested in the 1976 for Autos and GU and 1976-1979 for numbered cards. I have 2-3 Autos from 2003 Topps Traded and 3-4 GU from the same set and about 40 #ed from that set and 2003 Topps Chrome. LMK if you are still interested.

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    Ok, I'll try to get some of the 1976 Topps. Who's autos do you have from that set?

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