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Thread: Grade Cards Point/Counterpoint

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    Graded Cards Point/Counterpoint

    Well, I had a couple cool replies on the topic about game used cards, so I thought I'd have another go at something else that has been on my mind(the card collecting 1/2). What are your thoughts on graded cards. Good or bad for newer cards/older cards? Is it ruining the vintage hobby? To sell or to keep for yourself? etc.?? I will post my personal thoughts later, as I am about to have some burgers. They will probably be about as long as the post in my other topic, so be prepared for a long read(comparativley). Thanks and no bad blood to the graders themselves.


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    Ok, here is the first installment.

    I think that graded cards are killing the average vintage collector. No matter what sport you are into, there are slowly becoming more and more "slabbed" cards on the market. This means that the supply of the cheaper "unslabbed" cards is becoming smaller each day. Just look at how a graded $25 2001 UD Golf Woods rookie goes up to $6,000 or so if it is a BGS 10 Pristine. Even though this grade is rare, the supply of BGS 10 cards can never decrease, but the total supply of decent conditioned normal RC's can. Just look at the 86-87 Fleer Jordan RC. Yes it is costly ungraded, but a PSA 9-10 sells for way out of most collectors range, yet most of the ungraded cards are in a bit worse condition(Not poor or anything, but like EX). Personally, if I am collecting a certain athlete, like Emmitt Smith, I would normally try to get the best conditioned version of a card that I can find(if it is like a rookie or something), because it is for my personal collection. But I can't seem to find any mint Emmitt 1989 Score RC's that aren't graded. Look at some of the 1957 Topps Milwaukee Braves cards I will put up later(I need help with posting pics), it took me so long to find these in the kind of condition that they are in. I looked at a GAI 9 1957 Warren Sphan that looked comparable, if not worse, but it was almost 6 times what I paid for the one I got ($50). Is it worth paying almost $300 for a card you could get for $50 plus a special holder?? That choice I leave up to you to decide.... Maybe some of the opinions that get posted here will either change your mind or just help you to affirm your own opinions on this subject. My stance on grading, if it is something new, that I don't really want, that is worth some major $$ if I get it graded, and I absolutley want to sell it, then I just send it to BGS or GAI(Don't want to pay PSA $99 a year to get 3-4 cards graded). Thanks for reading, and there will be more of my thoughts on graded cards to come.


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    Thanks for the post Henry! I tend to see things in a slightly different light but I do see your view. It is a matter of economics and I think grading is here to stay like it or not. I'm somewhat indifferent about the topic but I will say that I like the thought of having the perfect card. I also like the thought of it being that way in 50 years. Prices will adjust as time goes on, that I can guarantee, but it all really comes down to personal preference.

    150 CC for the nice posts.


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    I am not a fan of graded cards for a few reasons:

    1. it makes money for the card company that grades it; but everyone else ends up having to pay more.

    2. if you send in a gem mint Jerry Rice RC, and it gets graded BGS 9.5 or PSA 9, how do you know you didn't get a card switched, and the company kept the PSA / BGS 10 card?

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    i do not like the grading idea except on old or condition sensative cards... even after saying this i realize that i get cards graded if i plan to sell them because at least half the time i will make a lot more on it.... i have a edmonds topps gold rookie and i sent it in because i was looking to unload it while he was hot a couple years ago... i sold it for 25 dollars where i maybe could get 3 or 4 without the grade... and that was on a BGS 9.5 (there werent too many graded this i dont think) i just looked in beckett again and it doesnt even list the topps gold edmonds but the bv of a BGS 10 topps card is 10.00 /// my poin on all of this is i sold a card that someone would have bought for 3 dollars for 25 just because beckett said it was a good card. is this right.... i would have to say no.... i would feel ripped off to buy graded cards unless it is an old or condition sensative card such as a gold card graded 9 or higher because they chip so easily... anyways... i do not like grading but too keep up with everything i feel it is something that has to be done sometimes

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